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Sam X Atsu by Sunny-Elric Sam X Atsu :iconsunny-elric:Sunny-Elric 0 0
Updated as of 10 PM 4-11-11
          Sunny smiled at Hoshi, walking along the sidewalk to the square. A big gust of mixed around cool air swirled at them. Sunny's blonde and slightly orange shaggy hair blew, Hoshi's layered white hair and Kai's greasy red hair, Kai and Sunny's bands getting twirled around. The wind stopped and Sunny and Kai looked at the ground and combed their bangs back down.
          "If Matt's with those other people I'm gonna be pissed." Hoshi muttered. Sunny shrugged. Some of his friends were okay, but when he ditched us it pissed us all off. But sometimes, Leighton comes. Then Joey comes. Then Patrick comes. Then Sunny follows. Sunny is in love with Patrick. Fall over dead in love. "Omigosh-he-hugged-me-today" loved. She hated being that type of person but she was, just for Patrick. She adjusted the nose ring in the middle of her nose that kind of looked like a bull, as it was flipped up f
:iconsunny-elric:Sunny-Elric 2 3
Little D
I sit down and breathe for a bit. I sip my dollar coffee in a strawberry mug and look around me.
I look at the kid named Ezra, he thinks he has some LaserVision
And his mum giving me a wreath of wilted flowers
'Parrently I'm a potential saint; a reincarnation from some Hindu religion
The assistant guy from my school; the gardener guy
His dreads on his head, looking as high as a kite
The only things that down is his fly...
The second grade teacher of my old neighborhood
The only one to talk that good about kids, Mrs. West could
I hear her say "fuck" and I kinda snicker
Watching her rooomies sipping what looks to be liquor
Then I look at myself and I fix my hat
Hiding from that ol' guy with a baseball bat
The cat ears with the earrings
My red long FMA jacket
I shut my eyes and I tear up a bit
And I realize
Why would I leave this pit?
Since I was 7 I wanted to leave this town
Maybe go to some country just a little bit down
But this town formed my eclectic view
If I didn't have it where wo
:iconsunny-elric:Sunny-Elric 0 13
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Mainly bases, crappy pics, stories, and maybe a couple of scanned art


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10 points- proportionate charrie-uncolored
15 points- proportionate charrie- colored
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United States
My name is Hachiko.
I am a cat girl alchemist chick.
I live for bookstores and discovering nooks and crannies in them.

Current Residence: Uh....My room?
Favourite genre of music: Visual Kei, Rock, Alternitive, Punk, 70's, 80's
Shell of choice: What'choo talking 'bout Willis?
Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric!!!
  • Listening to: The Nanny
  • Watching: The Nanny
  • Playing: Bass.
  • Eating: Cereal

10 things that I want to say to 10 people.

1. Do I not respect you? I'm sorry, but you're more like my brother.
2. I'm sorry when I'm an ass, but you can be one sometiems too.
3. Why must you be so damn goregous and forget me after EVERY TIME I talk to you? Grrrrrgh. Y MUST I RUV YOU.
4. You're so sweet and I hope you're there again! You better watch anime. YOU BETTA.
5. Y CAN I NOT MEET YOU AGAIN. /shakes franticly/ BLUEEEE JUNE
6. I think I love you.
7. You really need to stop taking all of that shit from everyone.
8. Y CAN'T I MEET U NO MORE. Why did you move away?!
9. I miss you alot.
10. Y must you be leaving to go to dayum high schools? I wanna get to know you better!

The ones that I will tell:
1. Pop
2. Mum
7. Matt
8. Tony from 4th grade. (FMA LOVING BLONDE DUDE. FORGOT HIS LAST NAME. And the worst part was that he liked me.)
9. My old house.
10. Kevin!



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